Τρίτη 8 Απριλίου 2008

Strange beauty

Uncertain feedback registered in ardent senses
comes undone with grace upon rays of old
confident in ignorance of velocity orbit loss
energy flip was never a concern to the one crowned
with ivy and vine while the splash of dolphins
send the gift of sea flavored dew to the skin
that stretched across dimensions parallel levels

Shells are gasping in anticipation of breathe elevation

Shadows are lurking to devour the new born
but light is ever lasting present in the center
slender comes in waves rippled from matter
splatter derives left imposing cleft of drives
monitoring desires transformed into cries
altered in harmonies from chords divine
upon the stony shrine there are sacred lines

Decoded engravings are blurred due to immoral tend of savings

Barbaric shrieks are trying to smudge your substance
in vain my adore in vain comes also the late rain
cannot wash away the past misdeeds burn or learn
about novel paths stretched way back under shovel
bites were never enough clever to bring out lever
sufficient strong to turn upside down our mutual sound
bodies teeming in sensual void comes fresh in vortex

Union is present as dynamic latent botched to derive a patent

Competent parasites are shuttered from vibration uttered
through newly wed entities transgression in globule plots
surrounding square beliefs unable to translate the new meaning
mundane concepts visualization leads to curtain call
in explicit halls constructed in rococo post modern style
failed to follow the whispers of nothing excessive mode
escorting us to the backyard where the lonely tree is planted

Flourishing blossoms are spreading wings and fly away


Δευτέρα 7 Απριλίου 2008

Tidy Mess

Eyes glazed are pinned upon elegant decline
marginal fear blooming in glorious hanger
devouring hopes and dreams latitude
blurred leading to magnitude loss.

Mingled are unequal tendencies of excess…

Faintly breaking echoes are shivering
gasping contact tremulous walls
secret made in oratory laboratory
flecked from ideas never shaped complete.

Shells are left to dry upon wet sand…

Lovers lie in unison mortality abide
fringe benefit hole drilled skillfully
in caves lit by dark sun beams
no insect found around the holy ground.

Pearls are pain tears locked away…

Just decision ambition takes no hostage
always remain a stain to certified lunatic
reasoning proud of function untamed
gallops through fancy coil turmoil.

Written evidence is wounded by angry waves…

Memories flying restless in orange skies
leaving white trails like drunken snails
decoding came in bliss as mystery fish
jumps into the scene crowned obscenity.

Silence is deafening when you care to listen…


Narrative correlation

Infested apparatus bitter torn inflicted
mends in venture designed prefecture
out of light blind sight in distorted mind
comes aloft comes alive never dived
into depths of deep cobalt despair
instead you delivered foul air
to the mouths of the ones
that kissed you with contempt
knowing your exempt state
always, yes, comes too late
so late that it’s early
for the ones in jelly shape
torturing your dreams with seams
silver lining was absent due to loss
of hoary thread and all of them were….

[unforgiven the one who forgets]

-joy melted upon your eyes causing coat of bliss lies
fury tales and lore of old entwined around the bold perception mold
who’s the one to left with guilt never brought you any desire built;
now, it is the time for space to diversify in reverse-

…happy to see the veil down voices comes from underground:

“Behold the stream of dreams undone
smattered wailing is bereft of heart
ill trees slowly derange
roots upturned with no angel dust spilled
soft stagger loud snore insult rising chime
origin mystic throat instrument of old”



Αρραγές το μέτωπο που προβάλεις περήφανα
εν μέσω εκλεκτής πλην αγνώμονος ομήγυρης
ανεπαίσθητα ρυτιδιάζει εύθραυστο μοιάζει
καθώς το στρώμα λείας επιδερμίδας λιώνει
αργά κάτω από ασφυκτική θέρμη πίεσης…

Οι κόκκινες γραμμές των εύγλωττων χειλιών σου
αργοσβήνουν οδηγώντας σε καίριες διορθώσεις
οριοθέτησης θελκτικού πειθήνιου χαμόγελου
ανάσα κοφτή λαχανιασμένη από σωρεία λόγου
εκφερόμενος ματαίως λόγω χαρακτηριστικής
μακάριας υπνηλίας απ’ την οποία βιαίως
σε ξυπνάει αρχέγονο αίμα απρόσκοπτης ροής
ενεργοποιώντας πεισματική αγωνιστική ροπή
προς διασφάλιση ταυτότητας κοινώς αποδεκτής
κλυδωνιζόμενη από παραχάραξη υπογείως
κινούμενης απαγωγής δια της άτοπου επαγωγής
ελεγχόμενη η ευστάθεια θέσεων προθέσεων
ευελπιστείς σε αφύπνιση τοποθετημένης
σε άμεσο μέλλον που συνεχώς ακυρώνεται
από διάθεση εθιστικής βολής λοβοτομής…

Αγαπημένη μου κοιτιέσαι σε ασημοσκαλισμένο
κάτοπτρο αντικρίζοντας καλλίπυγον καλλονή
παρελθοντικής κοπής ενώ προκλητικά αδιαφορείς
για την κυτταρίτιδα που συσσωρεύει η τάση
πιθηκισμού αμφίβολών μοντέλων εισαγωγής.